Although Louise Crawford and Stéphan Guéneau’s practice has in its essence and by the nature of the different mediums they use, a strong relation with collective memory, they have in recent years been working on different series that have more in common with inventories, cataloguing and archiving – creating a visual database full of archival samplings; factual, fragmentary and non-exhaustive. These associative series successively building up a private archive that is developing into various categories similar to the various sections in Marcel Broodthaers Musée d’Art Moderne - Département des Aigles (Section XIXème siècle, Section Cinéma, Section Publicité etc). To date, a series of 36 photographs of their photographic, film and recording equipment, a sound installation sampling every record in their LP collection, an edition of screenprints showing the number of film cans necessary for each 16mm film made and in progress the photographing of all their house plants. This large picture puzzle being put in place piece by piece is comparable to taking apart the pieces of a painting and looking behind the canvas into the artists studio where they live and work.